Welcome to the world's company that specializes in increasing your option to remove necessitated interaction with your government, utility, and monetary grid structures.
The freedom you will experience upon having the choice to free yourself from the grid in various ways will change everything in your life.
Here, we provide tools, products and innovations to make that happen.

Sean Bennett, the founder, has been researching 3d printing innovation, free (or nearly free) energy awareness, currency-free wealth preservation, and been developing human-needs meeting inventions for years.
His journey on this front began as a Gates Scholar.
He has developed a proprietary blend of parameters that will maximize the likelihood that a specified person can detach themselves from the grid if they so choose.

This is of particular use for individuals wishing to shun the status quo, and aims to alleviate poverty and raise the minimum per capita basic needs achievement throughout the world.
So please explore the site and welcome.
We welcome leads in our areas of interest.

Contact us: "info at gridfreed.com" for more information and customized requests. Non-profit groups contact us: "info at gridfreed.org" for pro bono requirements.